Valkyrie RTA Series Deck By Vaperz Cloud

Valkyrie RTA (Series Deck)

Convert your Valkyrie RTA to double the coil resistance!

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Product Overview

The Valkyrie RTA Series Deck is an interchangeable rebuildable section to change the build deck of your Valkyrie RTA. Traditional dual coil build decks will divide the ohms of each coil to reach the overall resistance. This deck adds the resistance together to reach a higher ohm build with its non conductive post holes to build a higher resistance for safer series vaping!
WARNING: Vaperz Cloud International LTD. or any of its vendors and affiliates are not responsible for your actions with this device. This mod is intended for ADVANCED users. By purchasing or using this mod you understand that this device is used at your own risk.


Package includes 1x Valkyrie Series Deck. Only capable of use in the 30mm and 28mm variants of the Valkyrie RTA.