Hammer Of God DNA400 (Brushed Graphite)
Hammer Of God DNA400 (Brushed Graphite)
Hammer Of God DNA400 (Brushed Graphite)

Hammer Of God DNA400 (Brushed Graphite)

The Hammer Of God DNA is back! but now even better than before, featuring the DNA250c chipset with battery configuration of 4x18650 set in series boasts a massive output of 400W!


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Product Overview

We all know and love the Hammer Of God for its beastly form factor and simplistic yet effective design and functionality, well now its back bigger than ever and suitable for most users. We have worked hard and went back to the drawing board to take the original Hammer Of God (HOG) concept and transformed it into a 400w power house, powered by four 18650 batteries set in series configuration. Powered by the Evolv DNA250c chipset - this DNA series boards have been a long standing chipset within the cloud chasing market due to its stability and customisation.
WARNING: Vaperz Cloud International LTD. or any of its vendors and affiliates are not responsible for your actions with this device. This mod is intended for ADVANCED users. By purchasing or using this mod you understand that this device is used at your own risk.


The Evolv DNA250c is a power regulation board created by Evolv Vapor that is capable of with standing and regulating wattage of upto 400w and has some really nice features included the USB On-The-Go which allows for users to charge external devices via the Device itself. although the HOG400 has a customs HOG design this can be changed to your own preference via the Evolv EScribe 2.0 and theme designer software that can be found on the Evol Vapor website, Escribe can be used to customer the user interface and also to monitor the user experience. For more information please visit www.EvolvVapor.com.